Sell Your Property

In our experience, many property owners hold on to land and spend their hard-earned money every year on taxes, maintenance costs, and association fees on a parcel of land they have no use for.  Whether you have personally made the decision to sell your land, are facing a forced tax lien sale, or are in the redemption period following a tax lien sale…We want to help!!

People interested in owning property are not looking for parcels of land.  They are looking for a house-in-place that they can fix to their liking…if they choose.  And mortgage companies and banks view land purchasing as extremely risky, so they don’t consider approving mortgages or loans in the sale of land.  With these obstacles to selling your land, GetAResolution, LLC can offer you cash and close fast.  Instead of waiting on financing from a buyer through a real estate agent sale, which will likely never come, you can get paid quickly.

If you’re still wondering how this works?  Read about The Process and take a look at our FAQs.

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(Keep in mind that a higher level of motivation will significantly increase your chances of getting an offer!)

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